cup bios2

Scenes from Fishtank Theatre, Inc's production at The Black Box in Kansas City, September 2022
Directed by Heidi Van | Music Direction by Julie Danielson
Starring Teri Adams, Andrea Boswell-Burns, Celia Shea Thompson, Meredith Wolfe
Video: Todd Norris

Scenes from a press event at the 2017 New York Musical Festival
Directed by Terry Berliner | Music Direction by Daniel Doss
Starring Veronica Reyes-How, Harriett D. Foy, Erin Leigh Peck | Also starring Jimmy Brewer & Annie Dow (not shown)
Video: Matthew Gurren | Publicity: Richard Hillman PR
Writers Julie Dunlap and Sara Stotts discuss the song Baby Phase
Filmed during the 2017 New York Musical Festival
A clip from Ballad of the Post Partum 
 A clip from Baby Phase
A clip from Prayer for a Later Bloomer
A clip from Marital Debt
A clip from Prom Night